Let your attire reflect the purity of your heart and the dignity of your soul.

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  • "I love dressing modesty because my exterior appearance helps me to contemplate my interior disposition. It’s a reminder to me to be intentional about being the heart of my home."

  • "Dressing modest makes me feel comfortable and more confident. I don’t have to worry about my clothes fitting and constantly pulling things up etc. I want my daughter to see you can look beautiful in simply made dresses."

  • "Modest, Catholic dress means dressing in a way that allows a person's inner beauty and dignity to shine. Its amazing  how modest clothing can make someone's face seem even more beautiful."

  • "I’ll be honest dressing modestly is a struggle for me at times, but it is a direct reminder that my beauty surpasses my body & the world’s superficial standard."

  • "I love Modesty because we are temples of the Holy Ghost. I imagine myself as the tabernacle on the altar and the beautiful covering it has. Dress like you are the temple of the Holy Ghost....because you are."

  • "Dressing modestly reminds me to focus on things beyond myself. I choose to turn away from the way of the world and honor what the Lord has set before me."

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